Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finished 9 days

So I officially made it though 9 days! I am proud that I did it.
I was able to loose 7 lbs. In additon to that I feel better.
I know the truth about foods and how much they affect our emotions and overall physical being. Yet, why can I not stay away from the offending foods?
Because they taste sooo good!

I also experienced something this week that I had noticed in the past.
When you begin to change your eating habits, women around you don't like it.
They begin to say comments that can be hurtful. Like "oh look at her being good" or "she won't eat that anymore, well I will..." They talk about you like you are not in the room, yet you are standing right there. It is like you have left this overeaters club and now you don't belong. They talk as if you now don't understand what it is like to be overweight. I have learned not to take offense to it. I have probably done it as some point in time. I think it is a defense mechanism women take when they feel bad about their weight and see someone actually doing something about it. Women tend to act like they can't ever loose weight when in all actuality they just haven't tried. I know, I have been there many times...and will probably be there again.
It however reinforces to me the whole notion that when you overeat or eat things that are not healthy that you are bad. When you are heavier than the world thinks you should be, you are bad. These are the thoughts that I want to overcome. I want freedom from. Yet, even in the midst of loosing weight (again), those messages are still coming at me loud and clear from the people around me. People who love me and are my friends. I know they are not even aware of it, yet it speaks volumes of crap to me.

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