Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 363/8

Day 8

8am- oatmeal
9:30 workout/20 oz. water
11:00 meatless chili and brown rice
12:30 banana
2:30 Cauliflower soup/4 brown rice crackers (soup does have cheese in it, but I was making it for tomorrow and had to taste it)
3:30 mini almond joy
6:30-7:30 6 ginger cookies
OK, so I blew it tonight. I didn't even want to post it, but I wanted to be honest.
I was really craving sweets today. I decided to have the almond joy because the Halloween candy has been staring at me all week. I caved. Then I baked cookies for tomorrow and I could not resist. I thought I would just have one and be o.k. NOPE, I had 6. You know you have to taste each batch to make sure they are good to serve to others. They are just amazing cookies and I couldn't help myself.
Hopefully that won't send me into a sugar spiral.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 361 and 362/day 6 and 7

Day 6
8 am - Oatmeal
11:40 - vege stir fry/brown rice (from Ghangis Grill)
4:15 pm - Yogurt/string cheese (wanting a little protein)
7 pm - 3 oatmeal cookies
1/2 fruit leather
6-10 stood at concert
10:30 pm - slice vege pizza/water (we went out after concert to pizza place, this was the best I could do at the time. Not FS, but not too unhealthy)

Day 7

9 am - oatmeal
9:30 - 30 min cardio,1 hour yoga, 20 oz. water
12 pm - spinach,tomato,onion w/2 eggs
2-3:30 physical therapy
4 pm - yogurt/soynuts/apple
5 pm - meatless chili
5:45 - 2 oatmeal cookies
6:30 - 1 oatmeal cookie/Yogi detox tea ( I am really craving sweets right now. I am going for the cookies over the Halloween candy in the house!)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day 360/day 5

8 am - Oatmeal
9 am - cardio boxing class
20 oz. water
11 am - 2 oatmeal cookies
12:15 pm - sm. bowl tomato zucchini soup/water
2:15 pm - salad with tomatoes and soy nuts/LF dressing
1 oatmeal cookie
5:00 pm - 2 oatmeal cookies
7:15 pm - 5 fried mushrooms, cup potato cheese soup
(ok, dinner I was bad, but I resisted the banana cream pie- my belly actually hurts a bit from the grease and high fat content.)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 359 /day 4

8 am - Oatmeal
9-10 Weights class
10-11 Yoga class
20 oz. water
11:00 - 2 Oatmeal cookies
Brown rice/tomato/spinach/onion
1:00 - yogurt/soynuts/pear
4:00 2 oatmeal cookies
5:00 meatless chili
corn on cob (dab butter/salt)
20 oz. water
7:00 yogurt/1 oatmeal cookie
7:30 Yogi detox tea

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 358 and 357/day 2 and 3

Day 2

8 am - Oatmeal with Stevia
9:00 - Yoga class
11:00 - brown rice/zucchini/onions/tomato
1:00 - yogurt, banana
2-4:00 - physical therapy
5:00 pm - salad/tomato/soynuts/lowfat dressing
7:00 - Banana/pear/grapes with Yogurt
Decaf spiced chai, splash milk

Day 3

8:00 am - Oatmeal with Stevia
9:15 - 40 min workout 20 oz. water
12:30 Salad/tomato/soynuts
3:15 - yogurt/banana 20 oz. water
5:30 - brown rice/tomato/onion/spinach
1/2 pear Water
7:30 - 4 oatmeal/apple cookies

I am feeling really good. My emotions are much better, I feel good about me right now.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 356/ day 1 again

8:00 am Oatmeal/Stevia
9:15 am 40 min workout
20 oz. water
10:40 am handful grapes
11:00 am Yogurt/handful soynuts
1:00 pm Grapes
Bowl homemade chicken soup (had some chicken and noodles in it, but couldn't throw it away, last of the pot)
20 oz. water
3:00 pm Banana
5:00 pm Brown Rice/Lentils Zucchini/tomato/onions (ate a little too much, but it was really good)
10 oz. water
7:00 pm Decaf spiced Chai tea/stevia/dash skim milk
Handful granola nut clusters (another cheat, but healthy)

Monday, October 22, 2007

When all else fails...start again!

Last post I started again, well, I failed again. So, I am starting again. Simple enough. Not really. It is torture to think of starting again. However, I cannot continue on my current path.
I am seriously asking for prayers and support and kicks in the rear if I need them. My eating is so tied to everything in my life. When the eating is out of control so are my emotions. I am irrational and depressed and moody and have "the crabbys" as we call it in our house. I don't want to be crabby any more.
I am going to start posting my eating again. That seems to help me keep accountable to myself and to all my imaginary friends out there.
So....we shall see what tomorrow brings!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Again and again

Looking back at my last post - a little over 2 months ago...I did phase one and lost 7 pounds. I think I have gained them back again. I am really frustrated with myself. I have gotten into really bad eating habits. So again, I start phase one to get myself under control. I think I am stress eating which is really bad. Life is a bit tough these days. I am living in continuous pain in my leg which I have been trying everything to get it better. I just wish someone would tell me what exactly is wrong with it. I have had many places on my skin removed which have been found to be "abnormal" cells. I am not doing so hot at being consistent with Julia's school. I haven't been able to work due to doctors appointments and physical therapy, which adds to our growing financial issues. So, I eat to deal with it! That is what I have always done to deal with my emotions. I'm tired of it.